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I'm a writer, a seamstress, a dancer, a musician... I'm goth and pagan and find comfort in the darkness, not in the light... my poems are usually dark and sometimes bitter sweet... I have been hurt by those I cared about most so trust and love are two words that I have a hard time accepting as is reflected in my writings.

About My Navel

It's an inny. I had it pierced but had to remove the ring for work so now it needs redone. It's a very sensitive part of my body and a real turn on if touched just right

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

Cats, classic cars, anime, and cosplay are some of my favorite things. My two favorite quotes are: "Heaven is a fantasy, a dream of a life wanted yet not given. Hell is a nightmare, not asked for yet received. This is what we call life..." by my daughter, D. Walls, and "Vanity may be a harsh mistress, but payback's a bitch." by Titus McGuire...


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