Betrayal is hard pill to swallow.. It's when someone lets their true colors show..

Didn't think that you had to aim for the low blows.. But let me tell you something I do know..

Karma.. Karma is going to bite you where you least expect it.. You can't hide from it.. nor can 

you ignore it. Guess who is not going to be there when you fall this time?.. not me not in this 

time. It's your life not mine.. Dont get mine intertwinded with your mind.. If you truely cared 

about me you wouldn't have done what you did to me... I was there through everything.. Did 

that not count for something or was I just nothing?.. It's okay though because as soon as 

Karma has you in it's grasp you'll be crawling back to me and think that is that.. But you know 

what? never again.. I've given you too many chances to get better.. but as far as I'm 

concerned you are just like her.. you are no better. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Venting.. enjoy it! :)

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