#life #pain


In the dark corners there hang lonely photographs
I never understood the reasoning, I did not want to notice
These dark memories, I want them to be forgotten
They keep holding me back, even in my dreams
A memory in my mind is always bleeding
There are wounds that are always healing
It makes me not want to return to this place
From day to day I’m comforted in silence
I have ambition
The things that are precious to me is all I want to hold on to
It’s always struggling
Burn the pain right before my eyes
Before I’m blinded
Before it forces me into darkness
I don’t want it to come unto me
Once it is undone
I shall know peace, I am home
Does that count for something
A memory in my mind is always bleeding
There are wounds that are always tearing
It makes me not want to return to this place

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I feel weak inside but I can't show my pain,

Seems like life is a stressful game

I don't want to loose but I don't know the rules

I need someone to lead me the way


When you see me smile and cheerful some days

I have you filled in the simplest ways

I close my eyes and I see rain

Its cold and lonely I'm feeling the drain

The sky is grey the tree's are bare

Is my mind telling me no-one is there


I'm searching for answers but got lost on my way

Don't have someone to run to or guide me the way


But answers appear when I ignore the strain

Beginning to realise life isn't a game

You make your own choices, you choose your own way


The feelings of cold and loneliness goes

Feeling independence in my fiery toes

Creating a future and findings my way.


But the truth is no-one can prepare you for the obstacles their facing today.

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A life lesson

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Life Played Out

Soul Poetry


Tired, weary, so battered and torn,

Life played out,

And has left me too worn.


Too worn to wonder, to even care,

Why it failed me so much,

And left me empty, there.


I must have misstepped, didn't calculate,

That such utter emptiness...

Would result in this fate.


Now here wide awake, still I am...5 AM,

With pain, loneliness and fear,

My only so-called, 'friends'.


Its like putting on a play, to an audience of none.

As I take my curtain-call,

With the soon-rising sun.


And again it'll met out, just another old day,

That I have to trudge right on through,

And find my own way.






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