life hate


He get's pay.

But it won't stay.

He spends it on bears.

And here comes the tears.

He beat's her with rage.

He's ready to take advantage.

The children will cry and stare.

But he doesn't really care.

The mother's a little frightened with fear.

But she put's up with this for years.

He come's again time to fight.

He almost killed her that night.

He told her to leave and never come back.

She left and that's a fact.

She takes her sixth baby with her.

The baby name was amber.

Soon amy her biggest daughter went along.

And there all living safe and sound.

I'm glad that she's gone.

Cause she won't get hurt anymore.

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Life (part 2)

Life is a cut deeply.

Life is a drug that make's you sleepy.

Life come's to you really sneaky.

Life make's you weak.

Life's a pipe that leaks.

Life is a dark place.

Life is a sad face.

Life make's you a curse.

Life make's your bubble burse.

Life is little scary things.

Life is a bee that sting's.

Life is alway's fighting.

Life is a bursed string.

Life's torcher that never comes late.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part 3 and 4 is coming soon.

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