Life (part 2)

Life is a cut deeply.

Life is a drug that make's you sleepy.

Life come's to you really sneaky.

Life make's you weak.

Life's a pipe that leaks.

Life is a dark place.

Life is a sad face.

Life make's you a curse.

Life make's your bubble burse.

Life is little scary things.

Life is a bee that sting's.

Life is alway's fighting.

Life is a bursed string.

Life's torcher that never comes late.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part 3 and 4 is coming soon.

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Life is a wonderful dream if

Life is a wonderful dream

if you look at it all positively

Though there is much we can focus on

that can bring us pain and suffering

Keep your mind focused on love

The kind that is always around us

It's easy to find if you open your eyes

give gratitude for experiencing life

The universe responds to that

and can change the way of your world in fact

So do not give up on the thought of love

It's something that always encompasses us




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i know, just kepp

i know, just kepp smileingLaughing and pretend nothing's happening.

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Nah, we don't have to pretend

Nah, we don't have to pretend nothing is happening. We just need to step back and look at it all from a greater perspective.

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