my life changed



When my thoughts run away 

In the past I wish they’d stay 

When they come I feel all alone 

When I remember I feel like stone 

The words that you said 

The blows to the head 

Most of the time I wished myself dead



The pain I felt everyday 

Will always stay and never go away 

There’s times when I think what did I do 

To be a human punching bag just for you 

Your sick your  twisted and you were insecure 

I say the wrong things you gave me what for 

The bruises the cuts the teeth that got broke 

Looking back your just a joke 


I always thought that maybe its me 

Living like this was my destiny 

You put in my head that I was wrong 

And I believed this for ever so long 


But now I’m stronger I feel so amazed 

That my body fought through all the days 

I think to myself what was I thinking 

All them times the real me was sinking 

You made me feel small you said I was fat  You treated me like a common door mat 



I look back and think to myself 

I’m glad I found love and good health 

The man I am with he makes me feel strong 

He would never hurt me never do me wrong 

For the love that we have will always be strong 

My life is good my life is great 

All I feel now toward you is hate 

My family were right you not a good guy 

So you and that life I’m saying.goodbye 



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We came to the mountains in October after retirement we achieved

To start our new adventure and witness the changing of the leaves.


As we headed up the road to our cabin, immediately we slowed

Our attention focused on the fallen leaves that were beginning to carpet the road.


Stepping out we noticed the trees seemed much brighter than before

As if hinting at the coming miracles and wonders they had in store.


Each morning we were greeted by the sun and a cool October breeze

Our eyes darted from one color to the next ‘neath the changing kaleidoscope of trees


We found it nearly impossible to focus on one particular hue

From the oranges, yellows and reds of the trees to the heavens dressed in blue.


We were honored to be a witness at the season of Autumn’s birth.

Then quickly we felt the evanescence as one leaf drifted down to the Earth.


The constant falling of colors put this vacation and our life into context

For as Autumn slowly gives way to the winter, one adventure gives way to the next.


It was wonderful to travel to the mountains and among the leaves to roam

But time, as she moves ever onward was calling us back home


We left the mountains with smiles on our faces and memories fresh in our heads

Still wondering where this new adventure will take us and feeling like newlyweds.


It seems to me we live our life in moments that are continuously rearranging

And it’s up to us to find our happiness as the world around is changing.


Yes, life is one transformation after another…that’s what i perceive

Seems to me we have a lot in common with the changing of the leaves.




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