When his dream was shattered

he couldn’t understand how his life…once filled with comedy

Had changed course overnight and become a tragedy


So he traveled to the wise one and asked her,

when it comes to dreams…what wisdom could she impart….

“Your dreams,” she said with a smile, “are a blending of your mind…

your soul…

your heart.”


“There are three things to remember about dreams that apply to everyone…

even you.

The first is you must have a dream if that dream is ever to come true.


The second, when it comes to dreaming, is this reality

No dream, no matter how magnificent…comes with a guarantee.


The third thing you need to remember in this life as you wander through 

is to never stop your dreaming because your last dream didn’t come true.


For it would truly be a tragedy if for the rest of your nights and days


you never knew true happiness was just a dream away.

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