jeremy kyle

The Jeremy Kyle Generation

Wondeful, the Jeremy Kyle


that fantastic little telle programme

half 9, weekday mornings that

gives us a vision into a beautiful

culture that we have.


Brown tooth, black tooth, no

teeth, greasy skin, nose ringed

teenagers with five kids with

7 different dads

it doesn't take a rocket scientist

to work out whats going

on here.


We don't know whos lying

or telling the truth

or whos on crack or who pays

for the bus with a oyster card.

This is a great show isn't it people

i watch everyday, proud of these


and proud of Jeremy for showing

the rest of the country how

great these people are.


How amazing it is

how great that we have

these people in our lives

keep up the good work


because your doing

one heck of a great job

here with your little

show that you have.

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