I am

Don't A Hole



                                                  Don't A Hole

My skin is black, I don't lack the knack

for soul in a bowl.

I like black hole, brown hole cajole.

My hair is nappie, it makes me all nore happy

My nose is wide that coincide with the great devide

My blood is blue, I wana do you

Make a brew say you

I ask of you,kangaroo,

Pas de deux.

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I am

I am the warrior reflexes quick almost psychic, body trained in endurance creating a temperance that makes the mind seem irrelevant, a world where instinct is prevalent.
I am the poet mind sharp creating words lyrically pleasing as a harp. A mind where neurons fire creating metaphors that transcend the metaphysical bringing the mind to the brink being lyrically critical.
I am the runner on the track running lap after lap, trying not to gasp as I attempt to pass everyone in the class.
I am the conscious being of relevant society changing the way I see reality day by day, cause when in I look in the mirror I see perfection because I see my souls reflection.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope you enjoy.