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They Don't Really Care About Us

America, Gaza
The whole world got problems.
Iraq, Iran
The whole earth under attack.
Young teen shot dead, Missouri going mad.
All I want to say is they really don't care about us.


The greed and power is the only concern.
Light the planet up, and watch it burn.
The fate of the human race is bond to be erased.
A massive eradication of my nation.
No hesitating when we're facing total damnation.

Look at what we're doing, school shootings.
Communities getting ruin by the violence.
As a child I never acknowledged it, now I developed a third eye.
My mind now perceives the tragedies when they happen.
And now I'm putting my words into action...


Russia, Ukraine
The whole globe in pain.
Conflict, conflict!
When will this ever end?
Maybe never!
Because they don't really care about us!


Now give me liberty or death!
Because there's nothing left!
No justice, no peace.
Kids and adults murdered on these cold streets.
No I'm not even blaming the police, I'm blaming you and me!
Community killing communities, turn on the news that's all you see!
It's true, we don't know how to be human beings too!

That's proof, we don't really care about ourselves too!

Throwaway Society


Throwaway Society


We don't need you, Where sorry to say,


You worked hard ,in your day.


You're a phone card, we bought ok


No contract,  no fee


In a resume sea.


Cut me up nice and neat


I'm not garbage, look at me.


Family, friends  and  harmony


But credit gone, not much fun,


When I'm on the bottom rung.


Have cold feet need to eat


Sad to say it's not just me,


In a throwaway, society.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's hard to find a job that you can depend on these days.  All these temp agencies make people feel disposible and worthless.  It reminds of phone cards that run out and you just toss the old one and get a new one.

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