I had a friend many years ago who always said Happy Thanksgiven.

We all smiled at her malapropism…and she was immediately forgiven.


Many years have passed and this friend has long since left my sight

but when I consider what today means…I now think…

she was right.


Every other holiday we celebrate…though they certainly uplift

has become less about the meaning of that day…

and more about the gifts.


That’s what makes Thanksgiving special…more familial…less stressed.

That’s what makes Thanksgiving…different from the rest.


In a society that can be harried, fast paced 

and often excess driven

today is a great day to contemplate and be thankful 

for all the gifts we have been given.


Not the gifts that we unwrap…from boxes we throw away

but the gifts that we’ve been given 

that are with us every day.


Gifts that make life special…gifts that never end

like sitting around a table with family and friends.


Coming together as a family at least one time every year

where we eat, we laugh…tell stories…

and remember those no longer here.


Gifts planted throughout our lives that continuously bloom…

Gifts we see on the faces of everybody in the room.


As we watch our children…now grown up…

we laugh and smile with ease

remembering how it used to feel 

when they sat upon our knees.


Thanksgiving reminds us to cherish these moments 

knowing they will not last long

a reminder of what holds a family together…

of what what makes a family strong.


That’s what makes Thanksgiving special…

that’s why families amass 

because we know the best path into the future…

is by linking to our past. 


Seems my old friend was right all along…

she need not ever be forgiven

Today’s a day to say thanks….


for all the gifts we have been given.


I had a friend with a unique way of looking at the world

(although I once thought she was misled)

because when the rest of us said ‘Happy Thanksgiving’

‘Happy Thanks-given’ is what she said.


It is a day we come together

and give thanks for all the ways we have been blessed

for our health

our happiness

our friends

our family

all the treasures we possess…


For years we’ve come together

we’ve flown

we’ve taken trains

we’ve driven…

to celebrate not only this Thanksgiving

but years of thanks already given…


So as you sit down for your feast this year

as you’ve done so may times before…

to give thanks for this years blessings

remember all the years you’re thankful for….


Remember all the thank yous

over the years you have amassed…

and how our thank yous of today and tomorrow

are linked to thank yous of the past. 


I guess my friend was right all along

so allow me….If I may

to wish you not only a Happy Thanksgiving


but a Happy Thanks-given day.