Handy Gives you Reasons to Shop at Farmers’ Markets


Handy believes that supermarkets have made shopping more fun than ever. You can buy a variety of items under the same roof or browse for accessories that you like or plan to buy later. Self-servicing is also very satisfying and one of the reasons people visit a supermarket. However, there are certain things that you should not buy from a supermarket. For example, it is better to buy fruits and vegetables from the farmers’ market if you have the option to do so.


The Reasons

Here are some reasons to shop at farmers’ markets -


1. The items are healthier - Fruits and vegetables that you find in a farmers’ market are all usually farm fresh because the farmers generally pick them up in the morning from their own fields. However, the fruits and vegetables that you find in grocery stores or supermarkets are delivered on refrigerated trucks from many miles away. That means they are not as fresh or as healthy as the fruits you will find in a farmers’ market.


Many farmers’ also refrain from using genetically modified seeds. They usually use organic farming methods to grow their fruits and vegetables. This means you can be sure that the food you buy from such markets is free of any chemicals. The same cannot be said for the items available at supermarkets.


2. The items are more tasty - The fruits and vegetables that are available at farmers’ markets not only look better but also taste more delicious. This is because the items are fresher and grown using organic methods. You can test it yourself by buying an apple from a supermarket and comparing it with an apple that you have bought from a farmer’s market.


3. The items are more affordable - The prices of organically grown fruits and vegetables that are available in supermarkets can be quite high. However, you can get better quality food items at a farmer’s market at a lower cost. This is because supermarkets have to take into account the cost of transporting the items, overhead costs, and miscellaneous costs.


4. You will support the local economy - Buying food items or products from farmers’ markets will help you to contribute and sustain the local economy. They already face huge competition from the giant conglomerates. If people don’t buy products from farmers’ markets, these will soon run out of existence. It will also allow you to support the local farms.


5. You will find more variety - When you visit a supermarket or grocery store, you will only find a small variety of fruits and vegetables which are the most popular. However, a farmers’ market can host a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and you can choose from them at your heart’s delight. 



Handy believes that promoting farmers’ markets can help us to conserve fuel, as unlike supermarkets, farmers don’t have to acquire their products from thousands of miles away. Local farms also tend to produce less environmental waste like chemical fertilizers, pesticides or carbon monoxide as compared to industrial farms. So, that is another reason to promote their growth.

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