Grand dad

Strapped to a Memory

Just a thought!

Imagine a time, when a delinquent was shown no quarter

and a hickory switch was the day's accepted punishment.

Pink and purple weren't just the colors in the garden and

Black and blue was also a big favorite of the day.

I recall having more time invested in the wood shed

than the wood did.  Location was always a factor...

 If the old man happened to be in the barn at the time,

a well used leather horse strap hanging on the wall surficed just fine.

Generally, I preferred pissing him off in the morning before coffee...

The razor strap in the house was a lot thicker and much wider.

Although the area affected was bigger, the wideness of the strap

helped spread out the pain and the marks didn't last quite so long.

Once he got it out of his system, the day usually went without a hitch.

Grand dad was a man of few words and little patients...Telling you something

twice never happened, as "words" never came the second time!

Looking back, I kind of undersand his mind set as, he was

a prison guard for thirty years.

Sometimes I wonder if one of the corporate bosses at "Verison Wireless"

didn't have a Grand dad just like mine...Cause, each time that strap connected,

Grand dad would always  say.........."Can ya hear me now"?............"Can ya hear me now"?............"Can ya hear me now"?Tongue Out

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ahhhhhhhh, "The Good ole Days"Tongue Out