I listen to Brahms 

Read Stevens 

Watch Spielberg 

And think. Oh! 

I can't do that 

I listen to The Ramones 

Read Bukowski 

Watch Smith 

And think. Oh! 

I can create anything

I damn well please 

I Dream of Making Films

I dream of making films,

Even though hard it seems,

May be in the near future,

The world shall encounter a new director!


‘Life’ has been my initial inspiration,

 Then there is Satyajit Ray and his each creation,

There are myriad others as well,

Who look forward not to sell stories but to tell.


May be ‘time’ shall in my ears whisper,

And I shall at the right moment hear,

And with the projects set in motion,

Letting myself and others roam in the world of sensation!


I shall follow none,

The movies shall not be for fun alone,

A message shall there be,

With exclusivity injected for others to esteem, to see.


Perhaps my films shall there be,  

For eternity,

If timeless like the Greek gods they become,

Then I shall feel like a King in the filmdom.

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