#fear #relationship

Questions of Willing

My days of confusion are almost over.

The era of actions has began.

Life is full of surprises. 

Has he come back for a good cause or is this just a test?

He wants change,

but is he willing to make the sacrifices necessary?

Is he willing to break old habits and

create new ones?

Is he willing to keep a positive aspect, 

and an open mind?

But most impotantly is he willing to patiently try again?

Will my own fear allow me to try again?

Will my heart be willing to be handled by someone, 

other than me?

Will my mind help me think rational, 

or will it doom me to act irrationally?

Will I be strong enough to stand my ground

and boundaries?

Will I follow through or sink like I always have in the past?

Will this be any different?!

Confusion is not the issue. 

Not knowing is...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Giving your heart to someone who may not deserve it, is the hardest decision someone will have to make. We never seen a person for what they are until we revalue are standards.