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Growing Weak

I walk in a world

Where nothing is known

All is lost

I am a creature

Seeking freedom


I am alone

With a pain inside

I am growing weak

I am falling

I am walking


I cant give up

I must go on

I have nothing to seek

All is gone i am alone

I am growing weak


Who will ever look down

Who will ever help

All you do is help me grow weaker

Please i have nothing left

I cry out to the world


But theres nothing left but hate

im weak

im dead

im gone

im lost


who will help


I am growing weak

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am losing who i am


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You had my heart


You were my soul


Everything about you


Made me once feel whole




Everything we used to have


All we used to be


Has slipped away without a sound


Before we both could see




We used to be so happy


We lived to be so free


But everything is different now


I miss the “used to be”




I only hope that one day


That you will finally see


How much I really love you


Unconditionally <3


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written because of personal experience.

Hopeless existence

I have no regrets

But my life is plagued with guilt

A deperate attempt to find my roots

I reside restlessly..

In both realms of conscience existence

I find no remorse

Yet the third is not unkept

I shimmer in the underbelly of what foul torture lay

But stare with such a glimmer

So unspeaking of eternal life..

Even the strange aeons can recall

The fall of those who stood before us

That death itself dares not prevail

In such times of desolate innocence

Where only time lost is cherished

Propelling the vast expanse in front of me

Into a tyrannical downfall..

Lying beneath those who died before us

Reminiscing in anticipated nostalgia

And forgoing a mission so preposterous

That even those who remain will feel betrayed

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