We All Have Gifts



We All Have Gifts

We are all gifted at a skill.

Life can be confusing; assimulating your sensory over kill.

But out of the maze of emotions: idea's flow.

To bring our idea's into creation is to make life glow.

Many different people's talents will make a great show.

With such diverse entertainment; the day and all who take part can take a bow.

Song, dance, music, and all forms of art; will help us celebrate and keep away the dark.

Welcome, enjoy the day everyone and let's have a good laugh!

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My form of welcome to those who will attend the show we are presenting.

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My Favourite Art Form:

The Topic of Art:


As recently as a year ago I started studying art and it's many types of creating in paints e.g. water colour, acrylics and oil painting. Also charcoal sketching and drawings even tracings. 

Before I attended art classes, I did not practice art at all. I used to view pictures, particularly scenic landscapes and be quite overwhelmed at what I was looking at. My knowledge of art being very sparse; I always felt at a disadvatge, by not knowing the basics and how to approach creating very many of the effects that make a painting.

Looking back and remembering my first attempt at art; was a beach scene in watercolour. The pale blue sky and white fluffy clouds, lovely yellow sands and of course the sea, set between beach and sky. With a raised landfall area to the right of the picture. I was so very pleased with the results, I could hardly retain myself until the next lesson.

The first arcrylic painting I created was a landscape sceine of an old fashioned village, complete with duck pond. Being new to art I found acrylic painting not only so very different from watercolour painting, but also quite interesting and I have to say less messy than watercolour.  

Another art form I was introduced to is abstract art: this type of art work incorporates the usage of different materials and or texture, built up: to portray the non-conforming art style known as abstract. This type of art I think, takes a lot of imaginatison, to create a portrait of a person or even a scene.Sketching is challenging also and I have observed that I am better at reproducing geometric shapes, than I am, for instance, at creating the human form.

I have a tendancy to make organized patterns of my shapes in art; which the art teacher is at pains to point out to me. Also to add a variance, or scattering casualness to my art work.

Being able to sketch, draw or even trace well is a good quality to poceses for art, as this ability will help establish the foundation of the painting.


Oil  painting is so different in comparison to acrylic or watercolour. Personaly I think to paint in oil is quite involved work and what you create takes a long time e.g. at least six months; to wait for the oil painting to dry properly and be ready for viewing.

With art a person can be completly absorbed in the scenes establishment and design; choices of season, light and shade positioning also a choice of colours and for blending.

No matter how ammerterish a person's art skills are; there is always a sense of achievement, once the work is complete. Art is a very pleasant hobby and a great way to while away a few hours and create.

A person's art endeavours can also be shared : by entering into competitions and art exhibitions.

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I like to create,  art is great. What's your favourite art form or painting, your own work a friends or even the more well know and famous artists?

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