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Saint David Patron Saint of Wales



Dewi Sant was born in 489 at Capel Mon.

Born of Royal lineage to King Sant and Saint Non; who was also of Arthurian line.

Dewi helped found many monasteries and many a Christian converts he made anon.

Known also as "Dewi Ddyfrwr" - "Dewi the water drinker" and never indulged in the wine.

Tall, handsome and physicaly strong.

Fair of countenance and disposition.

Blind Saint Paulinus his tutor; found Dewi studious and could do no wrong.

Dewi Sant's fellow missionaries, Saints Padran and Teilo:through  Britain,Cornwall, Ireland and Jeruselm they pilgrimaged in aspiriation.

Accomplished and acclaimed missionary to the Celtic World.

Accredited mass popularity for his Christian endeavours.

As Abbott and then Bishop Dewi Sant was succesfull and bold; so too as Archbishop of Wales is how the tale is told.

At the Synod at Llandewi Brefi: Dewi was elected Archbishop of Wales - at Glyn Rhosy monastry the crowd gathered; and witnessed a miracle

the ground rose and a Spring fountained up; then everyone could see Dewi Sant receive his Holy honours.

So there appeared at Glyn Rhosy/Rosy Vale a Spring:

Of water and rivers Dewi Sant was zealously inspired.

Submerged in freezing flowing depths he would joyfully sing.

Doing penance to his God; he would recite and chant Holy text; he was so well versed.

Daily "Dewi Ddyfrwr"; consumed only watercress and water.

He was reputed to have lived until he was a hundred.

On his deathbed Dewi's last words were "Gwynewch y pethau bychain" - "do the little things in life" -for the needs of the poor and sick cater. 

The first of March in 589 Archbishop Dewi Sant of Wales died; so it has been recorded.

On this day at Glyn Rhosy monastry, it was filled with the sounds of  Angels as Dewi Sant's soul ascended to be received by Jesus Christ.

By Anita Griffiths

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Just history - but I love it.

Turn It Up

Turn the volume up.

Blast the noise past your

Preconceived notions.

Don't portion out your soul.

Let the strenth that was born 

In your bones bear your spirit.

We were meant for more 

Than this frail mortal coil.

Our minds are our weapons, 

Our freedom has yet to be won. 

So fight.

Fight and rise up against

The injustice of the world.

Educate, Elucidate, Inundate.

Leave the world a better place

Than when you entered.