dreams turned to dust

Dud Firecracker

Now your time is up, so what will it be?

No one there to help you blow out all those candles,

All those bloated schemes and dreams 

Are destined to turn to ash,


You can watch as they burn

Into the sour cream icing,

Or face your fate,

Lie in the bed you made.


No heroine badge or red carpet,

You've muddled through,

Stored yourself away 

In a fiery frenzy of your making.


Alice bombed out big time,

And the rabbit hole was filled up

Piling the leaves and pieces of mulch

Onto your tea party stories.


Bold as can be, 

No tea for the tillerman

Because the tires have gone flat,

And the mad-hatter has lost his hat.


One thing is on your side...air,

There's always another fantasy to fabricate,

Because you're just smart like that

At building castles in the sky for yourself.


It's good busy work,

But it always comes 

Tumbling down onto you

In the end, doesn't it...


But I will have you for dinner one night,

And show you kindness,

In hopes of your renewed faith

And rejuvenated lovely style.




12:32 AM 7/4/2013