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Who Wins?

Maybe I should end it all tonight.
Just one shot and I could end it all tonight.
I've grown tired of people expecting me to fight,
I just want to lay back,
I want to see the light,
I want to walk off the earth, disappear from sight.
I want to let these words take action and make this the last night!

Or maybe... Maybe I should wait and see.
Wait and see what lies ahead of me.
After all, there is no destiny,
not to me,
In a world with no god we can be free to be whatever we want to be!

However, I fear there is a god.
With it's sick gaze set upon me,
steering my life into a blood red sea.
I fear there is a god trying to bring about an end to me.
So if I were to end this life tonight, who wins?
your god or me?

Given to sacrifice

A premonition of the dark thing, the shadows that exist in the realm of nightmares and dreams
the visions of the unknown and the seduction of the voices that call from the darkness.
There would be no turning back, once the sacrifice was made;
once the body is given, only the soul would remain to travel beyond the realm; to find the truth
now would mean everything.