my ode to divination

Ode to Divination

A gift from the divinity
To interpret signals of electricity
Messages your brain can’t understand
Messages from near and distant lands

Some can’t understand divination
They think it’s a stone and string
But from the dawn of time
An art amazing, sat nav sublime

Anyone who just cannot appreciate
This art, gives results no credence
I’m sorry to report, heads in a box
The one this system has made for us

Divination at first hand sounds crazy
Get answers to any question daily
This amazing art looks off the wall
But there shouldn’t be any walls at all

Divination is a pair of stabilizers
On your first bike, until you are wiser
Once you get skilled and develop talent
Then you don’t need aids to your balance

Then you can connect to mission control
Can you hear voices? Not demons at all
More than likely the divine committee
Wants to help you like it’s helping me

The box on your head is the Berlin wall
Tear it down, then find a world of mental
And open your mind to spirit help
Wading through life doesn't have to be hell

Higher mind is essential to get direction
Only way to connect without meditation
This is with a pendulum or rod
Your very own personal telephone to god

Just remember to ask it test questions
And ask it if it stands in the light
Better still, ask for your 6th density self
Always highest interest, and ready to help

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