direct energy


The Battle Mile

The Anion V.12 class Direct Energy Generators that powered them were advanced beyond anything the followers of the old world had ever seen. Converting Ions to charge from the air itself, they could push beyond speeds beyond the limits anyone could imagine. They could run longer and harder than the outlawed engines of the old world; they could hunt down and eliminate those who defied the laws of the new age. The shadow of the death angle grew over the remnants of the old world.

Extinct by design

The Battle Mile

Along the battle mile, lie the casualties of war; lie flesh and machine
on the digital highway; the endless miles of death, where the followers
of the old ways have been pursued and punished. Left in disarray and
driven to near extinction by a war they could not win, a two front war
waged the children of the new age, and those from beyond the horizon,
only a few now remain; lost, scattered, and hunted. The program has been

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Assassins of the digital highway

The Battle Mile

Under the frown of the moon, the hyper bikes scream,
leaving florescent trails in their wake as they race along the old highways,
looking for more dangerous challenges, searching out on
the wastelands for the followers of the old ways, those who live
on the forgotten past; those faceless who still exist in the darkness.
The assassins of steel and fuel lie in wait on the horizon.