Big Ole Barn

The best love we make is to the sound of rain on the old tin roof.


Just you and I in that bug ole barn.


Layin in your arms, lookin at them stars.


Prayin to God to keep the night young.


Lookin in his eyes, thinking this could be it.


Waking up and going wherever the wind takes us.


Down them backroads threw them city lights.


Going every which waym tryin to find a better place.


And in the morning light we'll be alright, just as long as it's you and I in the big ole barn.


@Sarah Faist

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If you spend any time in the mountains it doesn’t take very long

After turning on the radio to hear a country and western song.


Country music is often as sweet as listening to the birds

Not only can you catch the beat but you understand the words.


Country music has recurring themes at least from what I hear

For instance if you sing about a tractor, it’s got to be John Deere.


You must travel down an old dirt road in tires without tread

And sit behind the wheel of your pick-up truck…that’s red.


In the back of that red pick-up as down that dusty road you do slog

Sits Dude, or Jessie, or Cowboy, you’re best friend, yep…he’s your dog.


You sing about what happened last night and how low your life has sunk

‘Cause you didn’t leave the bar till two and as usual…you were drunk.


You wonder about last night…was that you’re girl you were kissing?

And when you woke way past noon today, why’d your gun have bullets missing?


The next day you see the farmer’s daughter and quickly take her aside

To apologize for everything and ask her to be your bride.


You tell her you’re not perfect… yes your drinking makes you flawed

And you ask her to forgive and marry you…both in the name of God.


You have a moonlit wedding, yes your country through and through

Your pick-up’s red, your brides in white and you’re jeans are Wrangler blue.


In no time at all you’re singing about your family and your luck

As you wonder how so many people can fit in that old truck.


Not to worry if you have a problem as you drive your kids to school

In the glove compartment is your duct tape and all your Craftsmen tools.


Oh you’ve got to love country music it’s American through and through

It makes you smile, it makes you cry and makes you thirsty too.


And if you miss your favorite song don’t feel guilt, regret or shame

‘Cause the next song on the radio will probably sound the same.


There are many reasons I love the mountains, the list is very long


And on that list is tuning in the radio to hear a country song.

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