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Rotten Crosses,

desecrated bodies


Raining blood;

sacrifice of fools


instant kill;

slaughter of sheep


Paint the roses red;

sabbatical psychotic



Bare Bones

A bare bones


with nothing to do

and no one to do

it with


Work 5 days 

a week,

a monotonous

daily routine

only to

home to the exact

same thing


This is what they call

being an adult;

being bored out of your mind,






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Indentured Servant: Working to Die

Another day,

another fucking dollar;

deja vu,

repeat it all over again;

feeling like a slave,

buried in debt,

just an indentured servant,

working to live

just to eat some hollow food

and to occupy some dull space;

how great this all must sound

to live your life stuck in a loop

until you die forgetting everything

that you toiled over, becoming

one with the soil and recycled like human garbage,

reincarnated back into another petty existence

to do it all over again. 








Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are living in hell. a soul trapt in a body. 

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No one consist no one wants to listen. A dirty business where people abuse the supremacist of power and work as they make their self the master and you the slave. No care and no matters just a business that will leave lost and mark you saying your a lost cause as they feel that they are better then you. Dude really how rude you don't think your the definition of cruelty? Why do you keep moving me when you know my ethics because you don't see that I have a better method but the pressure you give cut me of the reality why are you mad at me but persist in scolding me when there is reason but you pretend not to believe and you will say "now be a good slave and finish this" this is craziness. Slave labor had not been aborted no longer but seen to got more stronger. I know a man that has die from this cause. But all I  heard is crickets like everyone is a two time bigot. Please it figure it cause our mission is to die working. There no searching but just lurking on like prey and attack with full force verbal what an in certainty. This story blood like the slave as the Corporation laugh madly with their insignificant. A facility of pain. A member of enslave like Dave or rather sure I say another name. Seem like money controls us and we need it but to the point to turn on one another even a close sister or brother and it can get sick when it's even on your own mother. Wow tell me I didn't uncover it. American, a country that can't see our greed and happen to lead the blind most of the time but there is no shame there is no crime no justice is not blind but in other country they have to suffer to eat. A country grow careless because the unwareness of an act to be exactly. Please just relax and look back it and take a sec and ask your self if this is real there no need to judge. You be surprised to see that there is a reason it. You be surprised of the disclosure that you didn't think that was gotta be open. Business, a money making movement no longer about business itself but how green can you get and what's more next. Sex? No impress even if you flexed. Haha this world is such a mess but only to guess what is next. You might dress better but your still no different but the same from which you came. How can we establish a business when the wicked run granted. They statute like their prison I see no happy. Married to you money like it's forever lasting but that's the sad thing. Can't a business be fair then corrupt cause look it all the luck we been dealing with we don't really talk or work together for the better. Money and employee rates dropping low every year annually. Please tell me...... why can't this be fair.

uhggg I can't today!!!

I walk in and I get sucked in

Your presence

So strong

The pause in the room

Took too long


I take a breath and step right in

Towards ya

I move forward ta

Shake your hand

Wow, your grip

It feels nice

So enticin’

So entranced

It makes me wanna touch more of ya

I try to keep my composure

But I feel like I’m about to get close ta

Making a big fool out of myself

I need to get out of myself

I hope you can’t tell

How nervous I am

I look like crap

Too aware

I can't concentrate

We talk and I feel so not myself

I need to get outta here

I keep tellin myself

Today is not my day

Why of all days?

A guy like you gotta come in the room?

I can’t get enough of you

I wish I could get to know more of you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Random drabble for women that can relate