uhggg I can't today!!!

I walk in and I get sucked in

Your presence

So strong

The pause in the room

Took too long


I take a breath and step right in

Towards ya

I move forward ta

Shake your hand

Wow, your grip

It feels nice

So enticin’

So entranced

It makes me wanna touch more of ya

I try to keep my composure

But I feel like I’m about to get close ta

Making a big fool out of myself

I need to get out of myself

I hope you can’t tell

How nervous I am

I look like crap

Too aware

I can't concentrate

We talk and I feel so not myself

I need to get outta here

I keep tellin myself

Today is not my day

Why of all days?

A guy like you gotta come in the room?

I can’t get enough of you

I wish I could get to know more of you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Random drabble for women that can relate