Children poems

You Are A Baby!

Children poems?

You are a baby,
a very cute baby!

You have hair
on top of your head,
and two eyes
in the middle of your face!

You have two
little ears
on the side of your head,
and a nose,
right between your eyes.

You are a baby,
nice and sweet,
and you are loved,
by many people!

You have lips,
right under your nose!
You have five fingers
on each
of your hands,
and five toes
on both of your feet!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work in progress! About babies

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Little Chickadee

Children poems?

Little chickadee
I've got a few questions,
just for you!

Little Chickadee,
how high can
you fly?

How high can I fly?
This little chickadee
can fly very high.
Very high in
the great big sky!

Little chickadee,
how do
you sing?

How do I sing?
This little chickadee
and all my friends
sing like "fee-bee-fee-bay"
and also, "chickadee-dee-dee"!

Little chickadee,
hopping on the ground,
what are you looking for?

What am I looking for?
This little chickadee
is searching for food,
for little crumbs
hidden on the ground!

Little chickadee,
it was nice to talk to you,
I hope I see you again
sometime soon!

This little chickadee
has to fly away,
but maybe,
if you sit quietly outside,
me and my friends
will come to visit!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little poem that sort of came into my head while I was walking to school this morning. Idk if it's any good, so I'd love if you'd comment and let me know what you think. I sort of want it to go into my children's poems book, but idk if it's good enough...