It’s funny how our dreams change as we grow older…

For instance…as a little girl or guy we sometimes dream what it’d be like

to be a butterfly.


In our early stage of metamorphosis it’s hard for us to see

the who we will become…the kind of butterfly we’ll be.


But when we watch a caterpillar enter its chrysalis

and emerge a butterfly….

We begin to question the world around us

we ask Who, What, Where and Why…


And when we begin to realize this world around us

is not always as it seems…

we begin to wonder…and…we begin to dream.


What if we could change completely when the winter turned to spring?

What if we were colorful?

What if we had wings?


What if with a mere flap of our wings we could fly from flower to flower with ease?

What if when we spread them wide…we could float upon the breeze?


Dreams like these are fun when we are young

but along the way our life gets realigned

and as we navigate our different paths we leave our butterfly dreams behind.


Then something wonderful happens when we reach a certain age…

around the time our metamorphosis nears it’s final stage.


We begin to slow down a little. 

We find enjoyment in every moonlit night, 

in every new sunrise

and we remember a time when we were caterpillars

dreaming of butterflies.

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