Um built like a bird cage
Got a roof outa fish scales
Have an army like the Dutch

Creep like Waterloo 
Smell like the meal ya missed
Walk like a crutch

Pick up the petal the bee missed
Park on the line
Bark across the breazway

Curl into the concubine 
When she's the only lifeline
To succor good times

As is seen above
In lines
It's those lies

I write like a walrus 
These flabby flippers
No straight lines

Yusir, again
Shakin' Fox
Outa time


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Why you burp- a stomach's view


So, You want to know why you burp, eh?
Well, who better to talk to
then a stomach?
I'll teach you the real reason
that you make those loud sounds,
from your mouth.

When I feel like I'm too full,
or sometimes,
when I feel too empty,
I need to get some attention,
so that you'll pay attention.

So, in the case of being too full,
I instruct the muscles inside of me,
to start stealing air from inside your throat.
Steal some air that is going down the pipe that is for air.

The air that we take,
we hang onto tightly,
and bounce it around,
until it is great in size.

That's when I give the signal,
to throw it up the pipe,
and at the same time,
we move around, and create some discomfort.

This is when you think your stomach hurts,
and that's what you'll pay attention to.
You don't notice the air that is forcing its way
right on back up your throat.

Then out of your mouth,
comes the loud sound.
that calls attention to you.

That's why you burp,
it's just a fun thing that we have you do,
when we want you to pay attention to us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a fun little thing that came into my head when I had to burp this morning =D

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