bumper scrapes

Little Accident

The other day

I made a mistake,

and it all started when

I went to work

an hour and a half early!


I went up to the

employee's room,

and messed around there for

just a little while.


I emailed my mom,

to ask her what to do,

since I had stupedly

forgotten my phone.



My mom told me to

come on back home.


I got in my car,

and did just that!



I guess that I

wasn't paying

enough attention.


I pulled up

in front of my house,

going a little too fast.


I parked way too close

to my neighbor's car,

which they always park

infront of our house.



So when I finally head

back to work,

I backed up a little,

and then tried to turn.


I didn't realize

just how close I

had parked to them.


So I bumped their car,

scrapping off some paint,

and leaving some of my white

paint there on the yellow bumper!



I couldn't stop and tell my mom,

since I had to hurry

and get myself to work!

So I left,


and went to work.



I actually had thought

of not telling anyone...

but knew that this would

be the most stuped thing

that I could do!



So during my break,

I called my mom,

and told her what had happened.


She was not impressed,

and I had to tell my neighbor too.


The wierd thing is,

is that she lives in her own house,

with her husband.


But her SON, a GROWN MAN,

still lives with her...


They have a dog,

that they don't take care of.


He's always outside,

no matter what kind

of weather there is!



so in a way,

I don't feel ALL that bad about it...

Except that I may have to pay for it...



No, No... I don't mean that...

I am thinking it, but

that's not who I am...

Is it?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I accidently bumped into my neighbor's car the other day... It looks just like this one:


except for the fact that I left a bit of white paint on the bumper...


Let me know what you think of my poem!

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