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How I feel

Imagine a deep well.. It smells like mud and stagnant water.. The walls are slimy so you can't climb up.. There's a enough cold water so you can't curl up and get warm.. When you look up all you can see is a ripped rope that you'll never reach.. You can't see the light because there's fog covering the top.. It's dark and you're alone.. It's hopeless to try any more. You've tried to climb, but you're tired.. Your eyes don't cry tears anymore.. Your soul weeps softly as it knows there's nothing you can do to satisfy it's needs.. You scream until you lose your voice... But nobody is there to hear you.. Nobody to help you.. There's not enough water to drown in.. You have to starve to death. But it won't be the starvation that kills you... You absorb into the walls of the well.. Becoming another piece if the hell that someone else will end up.. I call this well "Oblivion"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am in a dark place of my life. I hope to come out soon.

Are You...?


I can't do this anymore

Every time you come by you leave me sore

My heart aches, my eyes burn

Love is a felling you obviously can't return

I tried so many times to make you smile

And for once I want to do something for my self for a while

But lately everything I seem to do makes you mad

You ignore and judge which makes me sad

I thought I meant more to you than this

When I want us to talk it's like a hit and miss

Why do I have to change myself for you

When it's not something I want to do 

I am who I am, a free spirit

I'm outgoing and fun I don't care if you don't want to hear it

But I'm living for myself not you

I'm not some person you can just screw

We went out together for our one year

Are the rest going to leave me end up in tears?