Black Clover of Kyokushin

The Passing Hour

I pass my hour

around the eight balconies

I walk up to a cylinder seal scroll,

protected by a glass box frame

which writes,

"I stroll down

with mid blossoms spring

it is morning glory

the eclipse of my koi spades

take you to Ardh."

And it was the scent of a million moonflowers

but it was also like nothing, as the focus enlightened their times

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To safety.

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Her Small Flowerhat

Visions flowing on my mind

Flamboyant colors, insights twinkling

That I promised to be an artist forever

A river's heir, resting lines rushing down

From a life, awaiting

This dress of mines.

It is the impression of the jellyfish,

with the umbrella which I held before me.

It is not here to be cut off any shorter.

So I urged myself under the waterfalls

Taking my last

Hoping for the lost

That we'd be brought to LIFE.

That we would BLOSSOM.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the hereafter.

Middlemist Kiss

It was the art that caught my eye

middlemist rose, I vow before you

petals escape inwards and out,

when she's not aware

an aroma falling

evaded by Japan's empress instinct

of gentle petals flying

named by the touch of their prayer, calling us

the aroma floats

upon the flower of my vein, your breath is to blossom

flow to the sacrificial waters

refuge to thy lord

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To sacrifice.

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Time of Thy Spirit

Paths to the red frames across

Screens play for the precious king

He illuminates like the endless sparks of diamonds in my heart

held in care, ever so gently

They are deeply entertained, all of my offsprings

Absorbed in awe, they continue to pray

The imperials, they gather

In red flames with pure gowns

I asked myself, "How can a child have my spirit?"

Time took me away to many stars

An entrance that caused my mind to be convinced of such abstraction...

We are altogether. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To time.

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Close to my Heart

He reached out his hand to his lover, the rose

Veil upon another, only the lord knew

She remained omnipotent & looked down

The billow clouds glowed around her

I darted myself towards the iridescent garden,

where collected crystals of the frozen rain rested upon the blood red bridge and gate

Within my swords I slashed the pure seals at last

Finally, was I granted freedom

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the skies.

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Garden by Garden

I stood there above, outside upon Heaven's gate

water rested under my feet,

but really it felt like the realm of a night's fate

It was Jenna that I couldn't wait to meet

The silver petals of thy trees scattered on that very moment

So I created more, til the seals were stolen.

The swords of my honor revealed to me my gazebo across many other gardens

So I struck to that place and finally met her.

She smiled and presented to me a gift of Satir.

I was so grateful and cried, "Thank you."

I fell into the skies towards the morning dew.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To follow.

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A Little Rain

I took him to my arms,

where he shall be in no harm

And to the mountains with the sobbing clouds

My call to him was a savoring loud

There in the bed he shall be resting

Satin around his body for his blessings

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Khalil.

The Tragedy of Her Fate

All around her was faded

It was rape that spun in her mind

She just wants a sleepover

Trying to catch her eyes

Here, it lies:

"I don't wanna say goodbye."

She's got the heart of her eyes as if to, peek.

With her eyes wide open

She's singing la, la, la

& when I took away her pain

she went to sleep

you see her heart's wide open

she's singing la la la

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a guided path.

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My Hollow Heart

I looked into the mirror, marched forward and became a war of my own.

I fell into a dream...

Like petals in spring, they were.

& All it took was something so perfect.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To winter.

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