Black Clover of Kyokushin

The Land of Allah

In the fields I had been soaring, enlightened by such heavenly glow.

I met him across the other part of the plains.

He led me to our gazebo, as we drank milk and honey together.

Resting for a while, the behalf of me took me away with adornment.

Our child had been born, and submitted to Allah the most high, saying in testimony,

"La ilaha illallah. Muhammedarasulullah."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my child.

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They rose and carried me into a sedan chair.

Across each other, they greeted me with such high air.

So my journey went across many sunsets.

It aimed through many heavens.

I looked into Karin's eyes and saw a place I would never leave anywhere else to.

And so they carried me. The world spun around into a bloodshot glass of skeletal fliud.

I let go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To see.

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The Story of Time

I was eager to wear my Senbonzakura Kimono, as I wrote a love letter in Kanji. It said,

"Take my heart,

let me go.

In the end,

I will know."

I flew around the Empire and saw a huge triangular arch. The arch spoke to me and said,

" You will take me there.

We will go.

In the end,

we will know."

I found Winter again, so I turned the snowflakes into beautiful yet ever so soft swords. My people found me and sent me to my home again. It feels so good to be at home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To myself.

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Learning to Love Again

I rested as the stage of the land revealed a humble building who wanted to honor all paths in wonder. I opened my eyes and floated in the air with the beautiful orchid rain kimono of mines. I darted myself towards Hosein, slowly spinning southwards. I opened the gate of the falling waters behind him as the seals illuminated around us. The seals took us to heaven where we could eat sushi. Down the steps of my gate, I found my darkest fate. I returned to Kangen and it was snowing. The land was pure but the aroma was flowing. Kangen was showing, glowing. The rubescent ribbons of my fate sealed in everything. He was there and I embraced myself towards him as our souls followed ourselves.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my home.

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This is Love

Water dripped and echoed to my soul, and I felt a beautiful expansion which followed with my steps. It brought me to my ecstacy... and I breathed out. I realized I was in the Koi Pond. I looked up at the skies and found incredible and tremendous ways to seek the soaring justice. Around me was my beautiful arabesque which I longed to paint. Time was beautiful as ever, but I dared not to meet him just yet. I met myself in the mirror of the numb and growing pond. I spazzed out all of the sudden and my people abandoned me. I returned to my halo garden and realized it was all me, even what I realized before. It was all me. I ran with myself across the streets to go on a Boba date. We ate sushi along the way. Wow! Anisah got it from many cosmos before. Rain started falling and I scattered, covering myself from the befall of myself. My heavens clefted asunder. Home, I want to return to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my heart.

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Their Call

I was in my wedding dress, and I began walking towards the pond. The spotlights and dim, welcoming me. I pass down a beautiful field of Orchid grass as I roll towards a festive tent protected by the golden Mandala. Muslims greet me well, dressed in full colors. Some have already prostrated til they repented into grass. They put on a show for me. It ended as it began. Birds became angels, flying in erotic rows, as I entered the grande skies. As I lied there in my floating coffin, over the koi pond, I smelled the scent of beautiful flowering food. I walked out of my coffin, skipping through my stones. The fellow friends of mines take me to the mall as we settle to eat there. After we eat, I head over to my heavenly garden. I follow him to the clouds of time in a sacred area. I run with him through the fields of hearts. He gifts me a red box. I open it to see a scarlett love letter and a pair of ruby gloves. He is eager to ask for my hand in marriage. We become a couple.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Walking to my pond.

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