We pass by her every day in fact our morning walk is not complete

until we pass the little sculpted rabbit who sits between the sidewalk and the street.


She’s a tiny sculpted rabbit…her only color…a faded grey.

Her head is bowed and her paws are clasped as if she’s about to pray.


We do not know the home owners or we’d offer them our praise

because they decorate their little sculpted rabbit for each and every holiday.


She dons a Santa hat at Christmas…on Halloween a mask covers her eyes

She wears bunny ears at Easter and holds flags on the 4th of July.


Through Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, New Years…her patience is unerring

and every holiday as we walk by we can’t wait to see what she is wearing.


We stop, we take her picture…sometimes we linger there a while…

which proves it takes so little effort to make another person smile.


Like the homeowners who every holiday…make our morning walk complete

by decorating their little sculpted rabbit…

who sits between the sidewalk and the street.



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