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Trembling Daffodils

Satish Verma

The snow: 
Pounding the earth, trees 
the man. 
Centuries of hunger repeat the 
raven's walk on icefield. 

The drum beats again. 
The cold war tapping 
at your doors. Missiles made 
ready to fly. 

The rhyme comes back to 
weave the funeral song. 
Blood curdles, as you step up 
the agony. 

The stings, the venoms, 
the blue veins. The murderers 
were ready to- 
receive the gifts.

Going Wastough

Satish Verma

Less likely to be a truth, 
let's celebrate the healing touch 
of a hidden god. 

It was an absolute 
invasion, but I did't believe 
in any war. 

Timeless quest for the- 
elixir of life and enigmatic 
divinity.Answers were 
always fragile. 

I want none of your books. 
In humbling pride I will 
find my own solution. 
Life was a question. 

No birthdays. 
Rolling thoughts- need 
no sermons.

Eyes In The Bowls

Satish Verma

You become absent in 
repose..I try to rein in the 
subterfuge in stranger's eyes. 
There was nothingness. A chestnut 
tree was refusing to let go 
the nuts. 

The phantom fight begins between the 
daffodils. The sun had given 
the borders, step by step, to 
different colors. Still the bloom 
weeps for its blindness. I will 
not unmake me. The faith- 

this winter was bad. The 
deathmarks were evident. We 
wait for something to happen, 
ready to unroll the schizophrenia.


Satish Verma

Bigotry, is that you with 
the lost numbers? 

Looking back, will not 
light the road. 

I could not haul myself 
out, of the kitchen, of narrative. 

Something makes me jittery, 
counting my failures. You revert back 
to the caravan. 

After the love. The lines 
burn and you set aside the goal-

of becoming free from writing off 
the man.

Some Stupidity

Satish Verma

You collect 
the crowd and it will 
change the truth. 

Have you seen it coming? The 
The kiss of greed? 

Are you going to climb the rope 
in air? 
A magic of collecting the coins 
to become the richest man. 

Irregular beats 
will stop the band. 
The vision falters and you let me go. 

The burning bush 
will take you.

Deeply Upset

Satish Verma

The dark borders 
were shifting, rejecting 
the inner voices. 

The echoes bring apocalypse 
with costs. I hear 
the silent prayers. 

de jure? I want 
to letter the unknown fears 
of the epilogue. 

The whistling pain of the 
words, brings 
the blood flowers. 

Aghast, at the cupidity, 
of man, where shall 
I start the charity?

Death Was Growing

Satish Verma

This was profanity. 
A dead club moss resurrects, 
when you sprinkle the water over 
dried wrinkled leaves. 

From darkness to light 
you break the bowl of an angel 
and the invisible spills out. 

Brother in terror - 
of mixed turbans.You smell 
the burning flesh all around. 

Speed of light from superflares 
was not colossal, than the blast of man. 
Look, it is still dark here.. 

Now climb the holy 
hills, rising like the breasts 
of weeping earth, to collect 
the daisies for final call.


Satish Verma

You can legitimate 
the loot. There will be no 
spineless resistance. 

The skull cap only covers 
the baldness hiding 
the keratinized skin. 

The lust shines 
like pearls on your upper lip. 

Poking the rabbit 
before it jumps, you will 
remember the ducks have no ears. 

Ah, the learned 
professor, he has started 
teaching the full lips.

This Living Death

Satish Verma

Oh, templed god, why did 
you snare the palmer? 

The importance of being 
the autonomous? I am trying to 
stay away from me to keep 
a watch on you. 

The itinerant sorcerer had 
become a legate of gold trade. 

The flesh is for sale, the 
small mouth with big hunger. 

A fledging of scar has become 
a bleed. The synopsis was out. 

I am going to ask some question 
from the bo tree today.