betrayal #life #family issues

This is why


If I choose to stay in my room it’s not isolation it’s called staying in my safe place.


If I choose not to tell your everything it’s not called keeping secrets it’s called not trusting you.


If I choose to live my life to not be close to you it’s not called hating you it’s just choosing who I trust.




But instead I choose not to tell you these things cause I know you’ll just argue. Please I beg you stop telling me how I feel. Cause I know you don’t believe this but I don’t wanna argue with you.




Guess what I don’t tell you stuff cause I’m not in the mood for you to tell me I’m wrong or my feeling are wrong. News flash I know right shocking.


Oh, honey we all know you just stay for the money.


You say are life is so good I just wanna laugh in your face




Bitch leave me alone


Don’t call me so many names behind my back


Then maybe we might have a better shot at a realtaionship


But instead let’s just make small talk




Let me get this right you love the future me not the actual me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sorry if the poemisnt fully understandable. This is directed torwards my parent. Its explaning how i feel.