This is why


If I choose to stay in my room it’s not isolation it’s called staying in my safe place.


If I choose not to tell your everything it’s not called keeping secrets it’s called not trusting you.


If I choose to live my life to not be close to you it’s not called hating you it’s just choosing who I trust.




But instead I choose not to tell you these things cause I know you’ll just argue. Please I beg you stop telling me how I feel. Cause I know you don’t believe this but I don’t wanna argue with you.




Guess what I don’t tell you stuff cause I’m not in the mood for you to tell me I’m wrong or my feeling are wrong. News flash I know right shocking.


Oh, honey we all know you just stay for the money.


You say are life is so good I just wanna laugh in your face




Bitch leave me alone


Don’t call me so many names behind my back


Then maybe we might have a better shot at a realtaionship


But instead let’s just make small talk




Let me get this right you love the future me not the actual me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sorry if the poemisnt fully understandable. This is directed torwards my parent. Its explaning how i feel.

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Age old conflict i can

Age old conflict i can identify made worse with a favourite in the fam and a narcissistic mother who constanly divide manipulate conquer then manipulate again. Humans are not fools hosility is hard to hide and easy to recognise. I hope you understand that people are not always morally aware of their actions. Best of luck congrats on writing what so many dependents feel. Although also worthy to note we are sometimes wrong and they are sometimes right but pride gets in the way. Get rid of it as soon as possible and watch your life change. 

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