We heard the siren before we saw it…an ambulance coming our way

and we hoped for a miracle for the person inside…

That is…until the siren faded away.


For you see we did not know the person

and it only troubled our day…

for a moment..

just an instant

until the siren faded away.


In that instant we wondered what might have happened

what threw their world into disarray?

But we quickly forgot about them

when the siren faded away.


And I thought how sad we are so detached from one another

It is a sign of the times in our world today…

We are wistful, at first, when tragedy strikes another

but lose sight of them when the siren fades away.


We have forgotten how we are all one family

I hope that all will change one day…

and we will care about each other

even after the siren fades away…


So now when I hear the siren

of an ambulance coming my way

I will still hope for a miracle for the person inside 

before the siren fades away…


But in a world that is so divided

disconnected in many ways

I will also be praying for a second miracle


before the siren fade away.

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