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I Love You Because…

I love you because of your divine innocence,

Your care for me avoiding every fence,

I love you because of the way you make me smile,

Moving all my sadness to a distant isle.


I love you because of the beauty you are blessed with,

Having the power to compete against the girls of Greek myth!

Even Rabindranath could have written an epic,

Portraying your persona in a volume thick.    


I love you because of the way you understand my heart,

Own it I no more, has entirely become your part.

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Lovers Leap




What a gorgeous leap day,

Sun shinning and skies so blue:

The sun's hot breath, like a lovers kiss,

Warm winds, a lovers caress.


A day in four years!

The woman may propose to whom she admires.

Declare undying love, and kneel before her chosen one.

Whilst asking him to wed her.


!Will you marry me darling!?

The answer I hope will be "yes".

Any delay in answer interpreted; as a possible no!!

What can the hesitancy be?


Dear it's leap day, it comes every four years.

A woman can propose on that day.

What is your answer please?

"Yes, I will marry you, my love!.


Oh my! my life is complete.

Wedding plans to organise.

And the man of my dreams - all mine.

A cosy embrace and a loving kiss.


"I am so glad you accepted" - I am too my dearest".

May our life together be blessed.

With much love and happiness.

A mutual desire.

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Often wondered what it would be like to propose to a lover!!

I Need Your Love

I know you can feel me in your heart,

Even if you keep saying ‘no’,

How can you hide the glow,

That appears on your face seeing me as if Vinci’s flawless art?


Bless me with your love, don’t sympathise,

Or else the air, the moon and the stars will bear witness,

Of your cruelty, your unkindness,

Let me imbibe your love once, let me rise.


Needless it is to say-‘I love you’,

You just know it, don’t you?

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I search for the one called friend

I search for the one who appreciates

I search for the one who cares

I search for my love


And when I find them

I will be home

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