at peace



I am at peace with myself

My whole world revolves
around the oe I love

copyright by heather burns

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My heart will ache if this country sings a down song

it was far yesterday she got her freedom

from the modern slaves that freed her

from the dens, when the lions of her dens roared

The slave traders feared of dins grimmed around her bushes

The risings gave the hope and glory

That meant her weldening before white faces

Who bore her a blessing night that

Gave up her terrible nightmares that chased her with metal wedge

My heart will bear scars if this star black

refuses to drawn her dreams from the oneness

that would bear her race to the winning

my heart will narrow

if this sunshine loses her pride

that allow goers to tear her thicky robe with wicked blade

my soul will smear

if this moon hides his eyes

amid the falsiers dimples growing

in her arms that could clear with talc powder

my heart will ache if this rainbow sets at the moon's hive

as it could block the face of light

that expecting to superior her darknesses

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Whisper to Me

The whisper winds
upon the shades,
lay me there
neath their sounds.

The lovely shade by aged oak
lovely sound and sweeping wind
brush my face and leave my peace,
to end the day in even thought.

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