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Bullying Is:

Haiku Poems

Feeding doubt and fear.

The victim trapped in fright.

Afraid of reprisals.


Humanity missing!

The victim full of gravity.

Confront the bully?


Forbidding free will.

Victim strives for a say.

Only emotions spill.


Commanding rages.

I demand my rights!

By who's gauge?



Of the victims abuse.

Oh! What misuseage.


Misguided rule.

The victim uses disguise.

Don't cover misrule.



Victim wears the mask!

How to take to task?


Unmask their problem.

Hey! victim take off that mask.

And take them to task.



Expose the bully!

To risk anomosity?

They'll attack anyway.


Nothing to loose then.

Except the bullies reprisals!

To be rid of them.


Confronting the bully,

Ask them what is their problem?

Because it's not me.


I'm just their excuse,

Being butt of joke, no fun.

Oh! What have they done?


Must not let them win.

Questioning?; did not go well.

Swollen, black eye now.


Looks of disgust:

In my direction, stares also.

Although I'm rather proud.


Hurt too, is the bully;

No other recourse remained.

Revenge attack due.


No retaliation!!

I thought in consternation.

At being out done.


Victory to me.

To defend myself is right.

Don't pick on me.






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My thoughts regarding bullying or being bullied.

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You and me,2 people,many differences

I have a soul
Your personality is as dark as coal
I am hardworking
You can't comprehend the word 'overworking'
I'm a kind of person to be sympathetic
You will never be empathetic
I'm trustworthy and I'll listen to reason
You are more likely to commit treason
I am loyal to the end
You can't even keep a friend
I'm described as interesting and not one for hating
You're described as one who can't remember who they're dating
I'm the one you despise
And you're the one who is secretly the devil in disguise
Now I know that I'm treading on thin ice
But you're vicious and now you have to pay the price
Now let me tell you,I know I'm not God's best creation
But I'm an asset to this nation
There are a lot of differences between you and me
I'm certain you will agree
I will rise and you will fall
You will have nothing and I'll have it all