It was their 50th wedding anniversary

A truly memorable milepost

when, near the end of the evening,

the husband stood up to deliver a toast…


I was recently asked when was the first time I fell in love with my wife, he began

and I have to admit…that’s difficult to say…

the answer’s not as simple as you might expect

as there are many first times…every day


The first time I see her in the morning, 

The first time she utters my name

The first time I see her smile

I always feel the same.


I don’t understand how it happens

but from the first time that we met

and every first time after

It’s a feeling I’ll never forget. 


The first time we touch, the first kiss of the day

The first time she looks into my eyes

The first time she speaks, the first time she sings

The first time she laughs…or she cries.


Love is a magical feeling

It is subjective and difficult to explain

but I feel it every first time I see her

In my heart,

In my soul

In my brain.


I’m sure I loved her from the first time we met…he said raising his glass

by the way my legs went numb

so here’s to that very first time


and all the first times to come

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