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Digital Devil

Sexuality has been hacked

by digitality


Fantasies have been replaced

with scripts


Authenticity has been replaced

with banality


Trannified, androgynous bodies have

tricked us into homosexuality.

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You Call to Me

I see you there,

waiting in the shadows,

waiting for me,


I can feel the heat radiating

off your body,

it calls to me,


When I look into your eyes,

I'm embarassed, because

you know what I want

before I even say it,


I want you,

thats the truth

you call to me



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Oral Hygiene

My lips smeared his skin

I considered my breath

"does is smell alright

or is there something left?"


I had just brushed my teeth:

three minutes and thirty.

Mirror in my mouth, check my tonsils;


It still feels dirty.

Light down my throat

using the bristles I scrub

I must wash inside my mouth 

- wash until there's blood.


But now my lips smear his skin,

"I'm ready," he says,

"please, will you take me in?"


So he prods the back of my throat

and the inside of my cheek

This is peculiar, they said salty

                              not sweet?


He pulses, to my tongue he 


Movements soft, but he's hard,

his nerves thump.


Body shudders as I let my tongue swirl

licking the tip, back and forth,

the core of him curls. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: September 2015 (First draft) 

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Sex With All Of Our Clothes On

Love Poems

When his hands run down the seams of my shirt

and his fingers fiddle with the hem

slowly reaching up my shirt

slowly pulling it off of me

to lie me down

allowing him a moment to examine his prey.

If only we could have sex with all of our clothes on

so when my shirt comes off

he won't notice how my belly rolls.

Maybe then he won't see how when he gives me shivers down my spine

and I arch my back,

there is a roll on it too.

Maybe instead of becoming aware of every stretch mark

they can stay hidden behind a fabric

where they can stretch however far they want to.

Maybe then I won't have to worry so much

about shaving.

It's not like he will feel my prickly legs anyway.

I wish I could have sex with all of my clothes on

so instead of panicing about how I look,

I could begin to enjoy this feeling.

My arms could wrap around him

instead of hiding my stomache.

Sometimes I wish he would turn off the lights

and leave me in the pitch black darkness

so that he could not see me.

But, I let him keep the lights on.

He tells me he loves how I am.

We get the munchies

so he buys me ice cream.

"What does a little extra you to hold matter?" He says.

I let him see my stretch marks.

He massages my thighs and reminds me they are a part of life.

He tells me they make me real,

they make me beautiful.

I let his fingers dance across the hem of my shirt,

slowly slide it up over my head

but instead of taking me as prey,

he holds me.

He whispers sweet things to me,

reminding me that I am perfect just the way I am,

and no matter what

love is all that matters.

Forever and always

he will love me.


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Carnal Desire

I feel a sort of carnal desire,

For her,

She is an epitome of lust,

Whom I want to conquer fast.


The way she looks at me,

The way touches her lips, she,

The brazen language of her eyes,

Leaves me with certain intense sighs.


This is not love but a sharp physical attraction,

An eagerness to make love, to merge in sensation.  

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rocks and fossils


the way I run my fingers through your hair

Glance at your eyes

Smell your place in time your sweat and

little struggles and inside jokes to yourself

The way I see your candid glances looking at a

moment that could be, to feel the high of imagined

foreplay, a quick scan of traits you like


Feel the way I touch your breasts, your perfect

beautiful symmetrical breasts with

the prettiest of pink nipples

The way I make circles and shapes over them,

stopping to imagine texture as my hand fills

with moisture, warmth coming from a direct

connection of beings time space and perception

A moment whose only purpose is to tell you in

the simplest and playful way the beauty which

is so abundant with everything you are


Feel the way I kiss your tits,

rub your boobs and massage them deeply

bringing out more and more

The way I kiss your neck, down to your

shoulders, pause to move your bra strap to

the side and leave a reminder a refresher

for the skin underneath

The way I kiss your lips

soft at first, then more, some more

and more


The way I squint to squeeze out more

from myself to focus and channel and

heal things that need it, dance over your

assets and fuck your deepest self, feed

it now and forever more for the

love I give is real always...


Feel the way I smell the air

from your lungs filled with scents

so subtle, your laughs of the week your

unconscious hmphs and hmms your

curses IDGAFs and arguments

your apathy and maturity

the air which is filtered through

your pink lunk tissue, branded with a 

lifetime of living breathing moments

conversations discussions


The air behind your voice.

The way I smell so gently to capture

I'll even kiss your armpit hopeful to

be disgusted by a stench or rather

unpleasant odor

a certain binding ritual but I need

more scents still


Feel the way I run my hand

down your arm, firmly but with

attention painting lines like

running my hand through water to feel

its current and weight

The way I kiss your belly

The way I stop at your hipbone to

bite your skin and leave a mark

The way I massage your feet

tendon to toe up your heel and squeeze

The way I knead your legs

The way I grab your pretty legs

in my hands and run it through

in waves pulsing my grip up and down


The way I touch your kneecaps

with a fingertip to make them spread a little

without moving

The way I recollect and smother you

in my scruff and heat to kiss you

much harder now

The way I encase you within me and

my arms and my shoulders

The way I grab your hair and

don't let go as it keeps coming

more, more


The way I look into your eyes

So green and striking sharp like

a hunters uncompromising vulnerable and

open sensitive to my nuances


The way I eat your pussy

Feel the way I devour it

I need more

The way I kiss the inside of your

legs with each movement and motion

bringing more of your pretty pink

pussy ready for me to take



The way I lick your pussy lips

hard and wet

The way I lift to expose your clit

The way I devour and eat and


I need you


The way each breath escapes from

your lungs each sound you

make the patterns on my sheets

drawn by your beautiful body in

motion tracing pleasure in waves

of oscillating intensity climbing like

notes in a scale

a symphony of shudders spasms

sweat heat in my hair on my face

coated in moisture brought forth by sheer

force of will

I need more


The way I follow you through each stage

each plateau and variation every turn

every breath the steady rising rhythm

of my main course I'm so hungry feed me

more, more

The way I won't stop and I bend you

to my will

The way I tend to and address your lifes struggles

through destruction and truth

The way I feed


Feel the way I stay with you now

You need to hear

What cannot be so easily put into words


The way I ride your waves nurturing a fire built

in a perfect pit lined with rocks and fossils

burning disregarding untouched by time

overlooking the ocean with eyes brand new



A tone in the view an arrangement of lines

Unique to today

A filter unused


The ocean crashes against a cliff timestamping the 

blink of an eye

capturing a moment that is an unadulterated

snapshot of

a fire lined with structures

eternal burning wood so fragrant and savored still fresh

with its saps and resin


The waves circulating back into the abyss

sighing tones

fortunate to display to the blue


Waves retreating farther

Carrions for what is

The ocean crashes again against the cliff face

Sounds rhythmic getting quieter, softer now

So slowly retreating away


As the fire burns on

We escape to the sky

Ascending higher and away

A routine somehow familiar, a stowed memory

reserved for the perfect unknown time


Feel the way I hold you now

As we drift float


Feel the way we fly.

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