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I see Fabia by the light of the moon.

I see Fabia split into two.

One so shy and retiring;

The other ready to kill.

I see Fabia in a business suit.

I see Fabia fully nude.

Light and shadow play off her dark hair. 

Light and shadow play off her white skin.

I see Fabia black and white.

I see Fabia techicolor.

Oh, hi say's Fabia.

What are you doing?

I say, I'm just enjoying seeing you;

By the light of the moon.

To Flavia

You are so hot;

Everthing is black compared to you;

You light up the room;

You light up the sky;

You light up the night;

The sun is an eclipse compared to you;

Everything turns into glass

And shatters into a million pieces;

You leave a trail where ever you walk

Of flaming yellow and orange and red;

Sparks flying all around

Everything else is cinders;

You are like a plume of flames;

Burning right through me;

You are so hot;

Becaause you are you.

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My lovely letter for you.

Dear Sweetheart<3,

Please know every day of your life,

I wake up to see you in my mind,

I'm SO happy you want me as your wife,

I would never do anything to hurt you or be unkind.


You live to please, and make me feel so beautiful,

You think of me always, and make sure I'm ok,

Your never mean, and your always respectful,

You give me so much love, and so many hugs,

Your the sweetest Man I ever known, *hugs*.


I'll never let you leave without food or kisses,

I'll never let you get hurt, and always be your under armor,

I love how much you snuggle me; we're like 2 promises,

I know for a fact we'll never break; your such a charmer,

I'll forever keep your heart bright, and filled with nothing but Love.


You wake up to do what you do every day, always for me,

You work SO hard to make sure we last forever, always so thoughtful,

You never let me get upset; your so smart, and always for me,

Your soft gentle touches keep me smiling; your heart is so strong,

You'd never let me hurt myself; you keep me going by simple ways,

Its time to say; have a great day, and get you on your way... I love you with all my heart.

Love, your beautiful Fiance, Kirsten Amy, L.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lovely letter to my Gorgeous Fiance... I love you, N.A.L. 

A Better Way

Yea I don't need to hustle drugs to fill my pockets.

I want to stay out of trouble.

Reaching for the stars in my shuttle.

But I'm losing parts of my social circle.

Most of them became one with the earth.

R.i.p written on shirts so I expect the worst.

Sadly many took a crime path and ended in tragedy.

And this is pure agony problems stressing me till the point I'm living unhappily

These situations are very spontaneous this so called "Life" is dangerous.

Leaving me heavily damaged when I'm hit that's why I'm so sick.

Tell you it's worst than it gets I'm looking for something better than this.

Sorry sir I see nothing for me in these streets.

A better way is what I seek PEACE!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seeing alot of childhood friends giving up on life and turned to new life and lost their freedom.

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Let Love Live Life

One More Time

Let Love live life, like

hope has had happiness

sing so softly.


Pacing peace preciously, permitting

joyful jiggles,

Becoming Beauty... Beast. But

roses remain relics relished,

cared, cherished 

and adored... an assurance,

welcoming what we wish.

Let love live life. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one took a while to write lol, i know its short but with the way i decided to make it, its the best i could do :P