A Better Way

Yea I don't need to hustle drugs to fill my pockets.

I want to stay out of trouble.

Reaching for the stars in my shuttle.

But I'm losing parts of my social circle.

Most of them became one with the earth.

R.i.p written on shirts so I expect the worst.

Sadly many took a crime path and ended in tragedy.

And this is pure agony problems stressing me till the point I'm living unhappily

These situations are very spontaneous this so called "Life" is dangerous.

Leaving me heavily damaged when I'm hit that's why I'm so sick.

Tell you it's worst than it gets I'm looking for something better than this.

Sorry sir I see nothing for me in these streets.

A better way is what I seek PEACE!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seeing alot of childhood friends giving up on life and turned to new life and lost their freedom.

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