academic awards

A Top Hat Award


I got an award
this morning at my school!
The award is called
a top hat award!

This award is
something that teachers
nominate a student for.
They can be nominated
for basically anything!
Although it must be hard
to pick just one person
to give an award to!

I am proud that
my teacher decided
that I was the
one student that he
wanted to nominate!

It made me feel good
and I got a medal!
Although I'm not sure
whether I should
wear it in my school
all day, like they want,
because I don't want to
irritate anyone,
and I sort of feel
like I'm going to be
drawing alot of
attention to myself.

I got an award at
school this morning,
and I'm glad that
my teacher picked me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I got an award at school this morning, at my school!

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