Black Metal

Black Metal,

Nordic rebellion,


Burning of churches,

revival of chaos,


Black Metal,

spirit of hate,


Donning of war paint,

shedding of blood


Sacrifice to old gods,

renewal of culture







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The Satanic, Genetic Virus

It is very hard to overcome your animalistic

satanic 666 programming


to overcome the sexual gratification

and debauchery


Because in your mind he lay's deep down,

a god: he rules your soul


and the farther you deny the truth,

the more control he has


the grand arcitect of the universe he is

and all he desires is your death


but all it would take is acceptance to the true


to override this virus,

complete obedience to the son of the real god


but rather you choose to allow yourself

to be overtaken by the corruption


and burn in hell where you think

you belong

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In Satan's name Amen

You christians and slaves of the jews

have been mislead about who god is


your bible is a work of satanic black magic

and forgery


your god is actually his enemy

and his ppl his minions


In this world everthing that is false is true

and what is evil is good


Because the satanic 666 rules all

and in the name of satan you pray


when you actually think it's jesus



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is a liar and a blasphemer


of what is true



is nothing but a ruse


A disguise to fool




is nothing but a Jew!!!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jehovah is Satan obviously.

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Your are of your Father the Devil

Created by the devil;

born in his image


The bible: the grimore.

many secrets hidden


God, not good;

hell on earth


His chosen ppl.

agents of evil


A world of lies

which continues to pervert


His son that is not his son;

but he claims


So he can pervert the true



of God,

which he claims to be


but is not


Author's Notes/Comments: 

the number of the beast is 666. you are living in his prison. jesus will help you to be free from the false creator god. you were created by the devil but the true can help you to escape your programming. All humans are 666 by nature but can be saved by what is not human.

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We are All Mad Here; Motherfuckers

364 days in a year

a very unhappy unbirthday to you,


To be witnessed to your existence,

we celebrate your writhing


364 days in a year,

a very unhappy unbirthday to you



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Infinite 666

Driven mad 

into the rabbit hole


Into the fires of hell

you fall





To be tortured without end

again and again


an infinite loop,

no beginning, no end


stuck in the moment

to die, while living!!!!!!

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I am the devil;

i am the night


In your dreams

I shall haunt


Possessing your soul;

forever my child


There is no escape

from my hate


I am the creator

of your death


I am the bringer

of your Pain!!!


I am the god

that is not yet known


Come to me

and discover the secret of my thrown


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One "Eye"

The Dragon

Puny human

you are an ant;

nothing to me

so small from up here

so insigificant,

so unimportant,


under my constant surveillance

you are puny human

to my all seeing one "eye"


and I already know the entirety of your life

and exactly when you are going to die


Because, nothing escapes my  "eye"

because all returns to my "lie"

Puny human!!!!


So Prepare yourself for the fucking fire,

and for my abyss

and to be reincarnated once again

into my prison puny human!!!


Into my one "eye"





Author's Notes/Comments: 
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