4 Not 5

4 Not 5


Can't read the emphasis

Know what a fake smile is

You stop yourself from penning

Even now you're still wishing


You come to them asking

Where they will go

Things you don't know

Realize you're begging


Heartbreak's day, you come with them

Everyday, wish you're like them

They will never be

You will never be


You all walk, laugh, and talk

You think the problem's solve

Turn around the coffee shop soon

They're not there anymore with you


You say it's your fault

So you climb their walls

Then you fall a million times

It takes that to realize


Next, your hands shake

Well, they don't care

They'll never ask how you are

Even if you're crashed by car


You see things clearly

'Cause now you know why

They'll never see this

'Cause it's 4 not 5

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