How to get rid of water spots on Stainless steel sink countertop

Getting hard water spots on the stainless steel sink countertop is common. If you are a user of this sink countertop, you know it is common. You also know how tough it is to clean those spots. But what if I tell you it is not that tough as you think. Yes, you have heard it right. This is not that tough at all.


But how you can get rid of those hard water spots on the stainless sink countertop. Well, all you have to do is to follow the methods I am going to tell you below.


How to get rid of water spots on Stainless steel sink countertop


The first thing you need to do is to take a small piece of cloth. When taking the small piece of cloth, make sure you are taking soft cloth. Some people often do this mistake that they take the hardest piece of cloth to clean the steel things.


Maybe the question comes to your mind that what can be the problem with the hardest cloth, instead, it should be better to clean the steel countertop. Well, you are right actually. It is easier to clean the hard water spots from the sink countertop with the hardest cloth.


But the problem is that when cleaning, it may leave some spots of scratches as well. Surely, you do not want that, right? That is why it is better to use a soft piece of cloth. Also, you need to make sure you have chosen the right steel. For that, you should visit ponomasteel. They offer quality steel countertops.


After taking the cloth, you need to take a cup of vinegar. As you know that vinegar is acidic. As a result, it works better against the water spots. Besides, since it is natural, it does not harm the steel that much at all. You do not anything else, trust me. I know it sounds strange and you might expect some more things to clean the water spots. But that will not be necessary at all.


Now soak that piece of cloth with the vinegar. Make sure the cloth soaks vinegar properly. After that, start scrubbing the surface with that cloth softly using circular and small motion. You can use a little bit of force as well if necessary. But do not do that unless it is necessary for quick cleaning. That will leave marks on the steel. Continue scrubbing until the marks are gone.


Pay close attention there. There might be some small spots. Try removing those as well. However, you may notice some unwanted hard spots there that are not gone yet with hard scrubbing. In that case, you can apply vinegar on the spots and leave it for a night.


The next day, use the cloth piece and scrub smoothly. It should be gone by now. Now use water and clean it. If possible, use olive oil on it.


As you can see, it is not that tough at all. Rather, I would say that it is easier than you think. So clean it and make it looks like new once again.

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Habitual Memories (Prose)

Do you mean that it is something like the first cup of coffee in the morning?

Or maybe like the way you forget, and leave the toilet seat down after you peed all over it?

Or, no, (sorry about that) maybe just sort of like an after dinner glass of wine--you know...the one that causes you to snore on the recliner and wander off into bed without even brushing your teeth?

Or maybe like the way I used to spray every room with air freshener, even after it was cleaned, and smelled fresh?

Or could it be like the way one utensil or one glass in the sink would send you into a frenzy?

Maybe it was like a bowl of chocolate ice cream, or hair twirling?

Because, I'll just say one thing.
 I would not mind being any of the above if that were the case.

I mean that.

Even the pee on the toilet seat.

Because, when the words "bad habit" arrived at my ears, all I could think of was that,

Well, there is no way I want to be a cigarette in your memory.


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Oil Spill

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My thoughts evolve in ink as ur thoughts began to sink // they submerge ur internal being before u can even think // thoughts that drag u down Into the gulf // & there's no return from the city of the lost // so brace urself & get ready to talk to quill // becuz u jus been hit by dat new oil spill !


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this quick verse during the oil spill incident in the gulf of mexico

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