get drunk and think of you


o the hang over possibilities

spinning images into a twirl and

i am not talkin about your hips

my e-mail seems to have stopped

my desire needs a new fuse box

my thoughts dance to a bingo winner

my shoulder hurts from the bicycle

  accident we all have

my path to the future is filled with

obstacles of the past

my my

is my thought of romance

with the university of you

humpty dumpty is the new rap song

about our middle-life glamour sex story

we are another generation

please please please me

but i want to spin your kiss

into a layover with benefits

i am a bad drive-in graphic

i slide into your bun and

think of too many calories

but we are teenagers in my proposition

and we burn calories with screwed up


you are every ex-girlfriend with

all the potential of the endless ardor

there is the edge, that is like a metaphor

that we could fall over, but we don't cross

that link

like kissing your nipple, but thinking tooo

much about it

i can't believe i can tip this bottle into tipsy

i am PI casso a curve that comes back to you

in the rhythm of 3.14

i am another page into not being into you

i am the random moment of when



i am yams on thanksgiving, because when else

are you yams what you are yam

i am the wonderful drunk of oh know

too far

but I would love another


you imagine the touch

another splash of scotch

and the taste of slobber on

your lips

here we go

here we go again

ins't that great, because

aren't we always

too close

i keep thinking i can't be this inebriated

but i am drunk

and ready to crawl around on all fours

like a hello kitty porn video

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