The bodily scars are licked,

By the ruthless tongue of time!

Yet haughty are the scars of the mind,

Like Hitler and Shylock in crime!


I do not truly know,

Whether loving you was sinful,

Or it was rather divine,

The inner ‘you’ was not beautiful!


I wish somewhere I could find!


A gorgeous girl with a beautiful mind!

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Scar on the Face of Time

I wish to scar my name,

On the face of time,

Not by any shame,

But by doing something sublime.


I wish others to think about me,

Miss me and talk about my creations,

The sensible criticism would be lovely,

From the bookworms of all the nations. 



I think I can crave for this greatly!

I want nothing pricy as a Ferrari!

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I study your scar
A small, hidden,
well-kept secret
I can't afford to
forget even the
tiniest of details of you
once you're gone.

- June 17 / 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first attempt at micro poetry (poetry consisting 140 characters).

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